Fostering emotional engagement with climate change

Our purpose

Support and facilitate action on climate change

We are a Melbourne based group of psychologists and helping professionals working to contribute psychological understanding within the community to support and facilitate strong and urgent action on climate change.

We are focused on the psychological difficulties and emotional challenges of engaging with the climate reality.

Through our contribution, our hope is that people become free to act, rather than react or withdraw in despair.

How we do it

Contributing psychological understanding

We publish papers and speak at events. We provide training, workshops, and discussions and offer consultation to community groups. We also develop tools that will engage people at an emotional level on the subject of climate change.

Upcoming events

February 15th

George Marshall Workshop on

Climate Communication.

March 21st Conference: 

Climate Change Turn-On or Turn Off?

What helps and hinders engagement?

March 22nd Workshops:

to support, nourish and foster reflection